14 September 2017

How is my Local Hospital Performing?

The Bureau of Health Information is a board-governed organisation that publishes independent reports about the performance of the NSW public healthcare system. Just released is the Healthcare Quarterly report showing how hospitals and ambulance services performed in the April to June 2017 quarter.

Check the performance of your local hospital here.  

Link between health and academic achievement

A study published in CDC’s September 8th issue of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) consolidates the association between student health and academic grades. The study confirms that high school students who lack physical activity and inadequate nutrition, also reported lower academic marks.
 Using information gathered from the 2015 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), in the United States, researchers in CDC’s Healthy Schools investigated the relationships between 10 dietary, physical activity, and sedentary risk behaviors and one measure of academic achievement. Grades surveyed were 9-12.
Researchers found that students who reported higher grades are more likely to engage in physical activity for at least 60 minutes a day on 5 or more days and play on at least one sports team. They were also less likely to watch television or play video games for 3 or more hours per day.

Social participation and successful aging

"Social participation consists of three inter-related concepts most informatively labelled Social Connections, Informal Social Participation, and Volunteering." Regardless of the measure of health that was used, the literature review undertaken in this study, indicated that each concept shared a positive relationship with health in older adults. Cognitive function, depression, and even a reduced incidence of falls were some on the health outcomes shown to improve.
This article in Australian Health Review overviews the three concepts of social participation, their methods of measurement and their associations with health in older adults.

Douglas Heather, Georgiou Andrew, Westbrook Johanna (2016) Social participation as an indicator of successful aging: an overview of concepts and their associations with health. Australian Health Review 41(4), 455-462. (Open access)

A Trip to Healthcare

David Matz, as the patient writes; "This narrative shares how my experience with two colonoscopies and three surgeries in one year taught me that I am not so good at engaging in treatment decisions. I thought I was." Follow his story in Patient Experience Journal, find out where he thinks he made mistakes and how hospitals possibly made decision making harder.

Matz, David E. (2017) A trip to healthcare. Patient Experience Journal, 4(2), Article 3.
(you can also read the full Special Issue: Patient Involvement here)

Mindfulness articles

In Buddhist tradition, mindfulness is a way of being and seeing which involves the conscious awareness of one's body, speech, feelings and thoughts, observing their emergent nature without placing any attachment or judgement to them. The skill is to raise awareness of negative thoughts, emotions or physical sensations and to respond in a more flexible, rather than reactive way.
Wiley has given free access to a large number of articles on mindfulness until October 31, 2017. Impact on behaviour, impact on cognitive function, impact on mental health, impact on physical health and mindfulness in the workplace are topics all covered in this collection.

Mindfulness Day Collection.

11 September 2017

BJS Open

BJSOpen is a new open access journal from the British Journal of Surgery). BJS Open reflects the views of the British Journal of Surgery Society. In terms of content, BJS Open is a true general surgical journal designed to have international appeal as global surgical problems become increasingly evident. A mixture of editorials, systematic reviews, randomized trials and other types of original articles will characterize the content over the first few years.

Articles include:

Choose Physio Website

This site is part of a campaign from the Australian Physiotherapy Association to increase consumer awareness of what physiotherapy encompasses and why physiotherapy could be chosen ahead of other treatment options. You can easily look up different injuries and learn more as well.

Choose Physio website.    

GEN: Aged Care Data

A new Australian Institute of Health and Welfare website, GEN, was recently launched. GEN is a comprehensive "one-stop shop" for data and information about aged care services in Australia. It reports on capacity and activity in the aged care system focusing on the people, their care assessments and the services they use.  

Use of Emergency Department and GP Services in 2015-16

Updated information is available for in-hours and after-hours emergency department attendances, with GP attendances for the same times of day. Maps (available in the Resources section) show results side by side for all Australian capital cities except Canberra. To break down to the North Coast section, you will need to open the Excel file.

Web update: Use of emergency department and GP services in 2015–16. AIHW  

Clinical Guidelines for Stroke Management 2017

The Clinical Guidelines for Stroke Management 2017 updates and supersedes the Clinical Guidelines for Stroke Management 2010. The Clinical Guidelines cover the whole continuum of stroke care, across 8 chapters, with each chapter of the new guideline downloadable as a pdf.

Stroke: No Postcode Untouched

This report from the Stroke Foundation demonstrates the cities and towns where stroke is having its biggest impact, where the need for stroke survivor support is most urgent and where the future stroke hotspots are located. It contains federal electorate breakdowns of key information including the number of strokes, the number of stroke survivors living in the community and the leading risk factors for preventable stroke.
Also by looking at the No Postcode Untouched website you can see that the Cowper Electorate has 5000 people, nearly double the national average of people living with stroke. In 2017, 522 people within the electorate suffered a stroke.

No Postcode Untouched: Stroke in Australia 2017 (download the report here)

31 August 2017

Mental Health and the Older Person Virtual Issue

The International Journal of Mental Health Nursing has published a virtual issue on mental health and older people. Topics include the impact of falls on mental health, family carers' experiences, restraint use, suicide and delirium.
Read all the articles for free here.

Year of the Healthy Nurse

Nurses make up more than half of the health workforce and are responsible for providing the majority of health care worldwide. Current shortages in the availability of nurses are predicted to worsen, in part due to nurses having corresponding aging and chronic disease development in common with the populations they serve. Loss of productivity in the nursing workforce would substantially affect the availability and quality of health care globally.

The Journal of Advanced Nursing has published a virtual issue titled Year of the Healthy Nurse. Articles are free online until November 12, 2017.

Australia's Hospitals at a Glance 2015-16

Australia's hospitals 2015-16 at a glance provides summary information on Australia's public and private hospitals.
   * In 2015-16, there were 10.6 million hospitalisations (6.3 million in public hospitals, 4.3 million in private hospitals).
   * The average length of stay was over 5 days (5.7 days in public hospitals; 5.2 days in private hospitals).
   * 1 in 4 hospitalisations involved a surgical procedure.
   * 27% were emergency admissions.
   * 149,000 hospitalisations involved a stay in intensive care.    

Download reportAustralia's hospitals at a glance 2015–16

Better Caring Website

Better Caring is an Australian-first online marketplace linking independent care and support workers with clients.
Individuals can search and contact care workers directly, choose rates, hours and services, and manage and pay for the care online. There are no waiting lists and no cash handling. NDIS 
 funding can be used to create your own team of support.